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Working & Design Of Harting Connector

Harting Connector – Technical Specifications

A connector is a device which is used to link multiple electrical terminations in order to complete a circuit. Most of the connectors have two genders – male also called as plug and female or socket.

Harting Connector Genders | Sr Indus
Male and Female component of Connector


A Harting Han connector includes 40 module types used in different sectors like machinery, transportation, energy, automotive and also the device connectivity which serves different purpose. Harting connectors are reliable and economic. Harting components help you to construct top quality products-economically and in line with market requirements.

Design of Harting Industrial Connector

A Harting industrial connector consists of the following components:

Harting Industrial Connector Diagram | Sr Indus Distributor of Electrical Equipment
Industrial Connector Diagram


  1. Cable entry protection.
  2. Hood
  3. Male Insert
  4. Female Insert
  5. Housing

Cable Entry System: are used for routing the cable or conduits or hydraulic hoses into heavy duty vehicles or machinery.
These are special cable clamp with strain relief and anti-twist devices.
Hood: the hood of the connector is used to shield electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference. The hoods have low or high construction top or side cable entry 1 or 2 locking leavers.
Male and Female Insert: The male and female inserts are used to fit either the cable hood housing or base housing. Both the male and female inserts have separate contacts.
Housing: Housing is an external case used to keep the fittings and bracket in place.

The Connection Technology Used in Industrial Connector

In order to match the technique of wire termination special inserts and contacts are available. The type of cable, the cable cross section along with the number and types of contacts are some of the factors that are used for selecting the right termination techniques.
Different termination techniques have different purpose. Some of the termination techniques are discussed below:

Crimp Termination

Crimp Termination Technique in Industrial Connector - SR Indus
Crimp Termination technique
  • This termination technique is ideal for pre assembly of connectors in large quantity because of it stability for quick wiring.
  • With the help of specific crimp tools, a good quality of corrosion resistance properties can be achieved similar to cold welding.

Check out the video to see how the crimp termination technique works:

Screw Termination

Screw Termination Technique in Industrial Connector - SR Indus
Screw Termination Technique


Check out the video below to see how screw termination technique works:

Cage Clamp Termination

Cage Clamp Termination Technique of Industrial Connector - SR Indus
Cage Clamp Termination Technique
  • The cage clamp termination technique is a simple and convenient handling without any special tools.
  • Along with providing the excellent functional safety, it is also resistant to shock while providing low voltage drop.

Check out the video to see how cage clamp termination technique in Industrial connector works:


Insulation Displacement Contact (IDC) Termination

IDC Termination- SR Indus Distributor of harting connector
IDC Termination Technique
  • This international technique provides an easy way to connect without the help of soldering or screwing.
  • IDC technique is mostly suitable for solid wiring with cross sections.

Harting Industrial Connector Protection

The housing of the connector protects the connection from external influence like mechanical shocks, dust, fluids like cleaning and cooling agents etc. Here is a detailed list of different degree of protection the connector’s housing provides:

Industrial Connector Protection
Protection against foreign bodies
Industrial Connector Protection
Drip Prof
Industrial Connector Protection
Protection Against Foreign Bodies
Industrial Connector Protection
Drip Proof

Industrial Connector Protection Industrial Connector Protection Industrial Connector Protection Industrial Connector Protection Industrial Connector Protection Industrial Connector Protection Industrial Connector Protection


Han Smart Connector

Harting launched a new Hans Smart Connector in 2018, an upgraded version of their Industrial connector which has been mainly used for carrying power as well as data. However, with the launch of the new smart connector, new features were added to the connector.

Let us discuss some of the features of the Hans Smart Connector:

  1. Increased Protection:
    1. Surge protection without relying on separate, external solutions.
    2. No additional installation cost/work required.
  2. Energy measurement:
    1. Monitoring the facility
    2. Condition based maintenance is possible.
  3. Increased Flexibility:
    1. When integrated into machines, faults can be easily identified and avoided.
    2. Saves time and service cost reduction.

Sr Indus Electro System is the best Harting distributor in Bangalore, India. We supply a range of Industrial connectors, RJ45, ethernet switches, sensors, cable connector, modular rectangular connectors, high speed back-planes across India. Our skilled team develops customized solutions to products such as connectors for energy and data transmision applications. At SR Indus, We also supply Harting electo-magnetic components for the automobile industry.

Harting products are manufactured and supplied by SR Indus in the vision of transforming customer wishes into concrete solutions.

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