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(080) 2346 2036 Mon - Sat 09:30AM - 07:30PM #1116, 10th main, GF Ashirvad, Vyalikaval, Bangalore


SR Indus have diversified their support in various Energy segments that also include thermal power plants apart from Wind and solar industries. Energy generation from both renewable and conventional resources, also energy transmission and distribution.

Some of our prestigious clients in this segment are VESTAS, Emerson/Leroy-somer, etc.

Plug & play in power generation

The Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution sector (PGTD) faces various challenges. Due to the large sums of data and signal transmissions required for monitoring all the equipment in the generation and distribution process, reliable connection is critical.

Hardwiring does not always present itself as an efficient solution to such a challenge; industrial connectors by contrast not only can overcome the obstacles, but also propose an array of additional benefits.

Hardwiring is time-consuming, requiring high efforts and costs. Power networks are calling for short reaction times; the sub-systems need to run as safe and smoothly. In order to meet such requirements, it is useful to utilise industrial connectors. They not only reduce wiring costs, but also allow faster construction, commissioning and maintenance processes in the field.

Rapid Replacement of Systems in Wind Turbines

Rapid replacement of systems is of particular significance for wind turbines. As a preferential supplier to the wind energy industry offering an extensive and highly diverse line of connectors for a wide range of applications, HARTING is making a key contribution. The respective product spectrum extends from high-current components for applications through to 650 A to solutions for data and bus transfer such as the RJ 45 in industrial housings.

The function of energy generation poses the multiple problem to connect high currents and voltages. If the connection is to be made pluggable, an extremely high current connection from the HC Modular line is advantageous. With a current-carrying capacity of up to 650 A at voltages up to 4 kV, such multiple-pin plug connections in conjunction with HPR housings (HPR: High Pressure Resistant) can be combined to form extremely robust systems.

High-performance, reliable connections for data exchange and local power supply are still the most basic requirements in implementing a modern control system. Operating, monitoring, and programming units are usually networked via the widely used RJ45 interface. For wider-ranging requirements for shielding within the connection, the Han-Quintax® is advisable. This plug connection allows secure data exchange of sensitive signals, e.g. for bus systems (transmission rate: 100 Mbit/s) based on a coaxial plug connection.


Implement successful long-term photovoltaic systems
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Let’s connect.

Construct photovoltaic systems efficiently and operate them over the long-term economically and without downtime. We achieve this through reliable electrical connectivity and combiner boxes individually assembled for your application.

As a customer, you benefit from our many years of experience in the photovoltaic industry, our expertise, comprehensive range of services and our global presence. Our photovoltaic specialists accompany your projects in a responsible manner – from initial planning right through to the operation of your system.

Put your trust in a reliable partner. The facts speak for themselves:

  • 53.000.000 panels with an output of over 10.2 GWp
  • Local support in nearly 100 countries
  • Since 2007 development, manufacture and supply of combiner boxes for large-scale photovoltaic projects
  • More than 131.000 combiner boxes worldwide
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